MHH Young Faculty Programs

Young Academy, PRACTIS, TITUS


The young academy program (Junge Akademie) for advanced training of medical and life scientists was introduced in summer 2014 as a major step in the academic career of a “medical faculty”.

Every year up to 30 new candidates (medical doctors in their advanced phase of clinical training and senior Postdocs) could enter the 3-year program.

They received 4-6 months of “protected” time each year to do research and teaching.

Currently, there are several open positions!

More info: Dr. Bernhard Schiedlmeier

                 Dr. Susanne Kruse 



Two other Young Academy Programs:



PRogram of hAnnover medical school for Clinician scienTISts

This program is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and started in summer 2019. Up to eight physician scientists can join.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Anette Melk

Open positions



The First Thousand Days of Life – Early Priming and Prevention

This young faculty program represents a "Forschungskolleg" by the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Foundation. Up to ten physician scientists are supported within a period of three years.

It started in spring 2019 and is coordinated by the center of Pediatrics at MHH.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gesine Hansen