Otology Update

Dear participants,

due to the pandemic we are organizing Otology Update two times this year:


Otology Update virtually

In May 4-7, 2021 we intend to offer a virtual course:

In cooperation with the LION Network we stream surgeries directly from our OR. The surgeries take place from Tuesday, May 4th, to Wednesday, May 5th. For more details and the live stream got to www.lion-web.org

Then we plan a virtual drilling course with live teaching and lectures. The participants should buy an artificial temporal bone (we provide contact to manufacturers) and have access to the needed instruments. This course takes place on Thursday, May 6th, and Friday, May 7th. The minimum of 5 participants is needed to perform this course. 


Otology Update 2021

Our usual Course will be held in September 20th-23rd,2021 here in Hannover. We are optimistic that the wordwide situation will allow us to perform this course in presence, with live surgeries and drilling in our TBL with an international faculty.


We are currently working on both programs, all the details and keep you updated!


For more information please contact our colleagues via mail.