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Fibrex Team

Prof. Thomas Thum



Director of the Fraunhofer ITEM

Director of the IMTTS, MHH

CSO & Founder at Cardior

Leading cardiologist and a pioneer in RNA therapeutics for cardiovascular disease; has authored over 400 publications as a KOL in heart failure

Prof. Christian Bär



Research Group leader at IMTTS, MHH


Renowned scientist with expertise in cardiac regenerative strategies involving ncRNAs; expert for sophisticated preclinical rodent in vivo and human ex vivo models

Dr. Meike Drobe


Science Manager at IMTTS, MHH


8 years in managing and directing academic and industry-associated research projects along with public fundings

Dr. Anne Bührke


Postdoc at IMTTS, MHH

FIBREX Project Manager


Scientific expert in ncRNA therapeutics characterisation and development with a strong background in MEG3 biology

Expert Team

Dr. Ralf Cordes


Technology Manager at Ascenion

15 years in supporting scientists in the preliminary phase of the patent application, in order to identify commercially attractive inventions at an early stage


Dr. Ulrich Granzer

Regulatory Affairs Consultant Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services

25 years of experience in drug development and regulatory affairs; founder of Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services


Dr. Arthur A. Levin


CSO, Avidity Biosciences

20 years of knowhow in the research and development of RNA-targeting therapeutics; 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry


Dr. Steffen Rump

Development Consultant SRConsulting

More than 10 years experience in early drug development; specialist for CMC, non-clinical and clinical development of chemically synthesized oligonucleotide compounds