Nature Review Cardiology highlights IMTTS’ publication

July 2022 - Our article about circular RNAs as novel therapeutic strategy against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity was selected as a research highlight.

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PhD defenses Anne Bührke and Alessia Costa

June 2022 - Anne Bührke and Alessia Costa successfully defended their PhD theses. Congratulations!

Picture: Copyright Erika Hilbold

Berlin was calling

June 2022 - Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum, PD Dr. Christian Bär, Sarah Cushman, and Marida Sansonetti attended the 24th World Congress for the ISHR.

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Picture: Copyright P. Külker, DHZB

IMTTS is well represented at the DGK’s annual conference

April 2022 - A great number of IMTTS researchers attended the DGK annual conference in Mannheim with many successful poster presentations and talks.

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Sarah Cushman recieves DGK poster prize

April 2022 - Sarah Cushman won the prestigious poster prize from the DGK at the society’s annual conference in Mannheim.

Picture: Copyright Sarah Cushman

Dr. Stevan Stojanović wins HBRS prize for the best PhD thesis

October 2021 - Dr. Stevan Stojanović was awarded with the HBRS prize for the best PhD thesis and his work on drug discovery of senolytics.

Picture: Copyright Dr. Sabine Johann, HBRS

DGK Herztage 2021 in Bonn

October 2021 - Naisam Abbas, Sonja Groß, Sarah Cushman, Kevin Schmidt, Jan Weusthoff and Arne Schmidt presented their work at the DGK Herztage.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum receives Paul-Martini-Award

April 2021 - The director of the IMTTS received the Paul-Martini-Award for his research on more effective treatment of heart failure.

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Picture: Copyright Karin Kaiser/MHH