50th European Muscle Conference in Florence

September 2023 - Dr. Natalie Weber and Giuseppe Cipriano attended the EMC in Florence with two poster presentations.

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ESC congress 2023 in Amsterdam

August 2023 - Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum commented on the first microRNA therapy for heart failure at this year’s European Society of Cardiology conference.

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Poster prize for Dr. Shambhabi Chatterjee

June 2023 - Dr. Shambhabi Chatterjee was awarded for the best poster at the Euromit 2023 - International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology in Bologna.

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CBCS Summer School in Nice

June 2023 - Laura Trumann, Marco Bentele, and Jia Li Ye discussed their projects with peers and experts in Nice.

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Young Investigator Award at the HFA Congress for Dr. Sonja Groß

May 2023 - Dr. Groß was awarded the YIA for her fantastic presentation on AAV capsid engineering for cardiac fibroblast targeting.

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IMTTS is well represented at the DGK’s annual conference

April 2023 - A great number of IMTTS researchers attended the DGK annual conference in Mannheim with many successful poster presentations and talks.

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Picture: Copyright Sarah Cushman

Kevin Schmidt receives poster prize

March 2023 - Kevin Schmidt was awarded a poster proze at the 8th German Pharm-Tox Summit in Ulm.

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PhD defense Hannah Hunkler

December 2022 - Hannah Hunkler successfully defended her PhD theses. Congratulations!

Picture: Copyright Sarah Cushman