Zeiss LSM 980 has arrived!

The Research Core Unit for Lasermicroscopy has a new microscope.

The confocal laser scanning unit Zeiss LSM 980 is connected to an inverted microscope stand. The system is equipped with a cell culture incubator, controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 for live cell imaging. The new microscope allows fast imaging of large fields of view with high resolution and a better signal-to-noise ratio at lower photon dose.

The superresolution detector Airyscan 2 increases the lateral resolution about twofold to 120 nm. In addition the detector in its multiplex mode allows very fast imaging rates at 9.6 frames per second for the maximum field of view.

Starting immediately, users can register for a training session on the microscope.

Hands on course in immunofluorescence miscroscopy

The Research Core Unit for Laser Microscopy at the MHH has organized a "hands on" laboratory course in immunofluorescence microscopy held on March 17-18th, 2020.

This lecture and practical course will focus on the preparation of cultured cells for fluorescence microscopy.

It is a basic course suited for doctoral students, postdocs, and technicians with no or little experience in immunofluorescence techniques.

The course is free of charge and will be in English.

For more information see the detailed program.