Dr. Andre Zeug

independent senior scientist



  • Development of strategies for quantitative microscopy
  • Development of microscope standards and calibration strategies
  • Data separation algorithms for quantitative imaging
  • Spectral FRET analysis
  • Global analysis approaches which are required for multi-dimensional and multi-parametric datasets and biophysical models for optimized FRET based application
  • Single particle detection
  • Image processing
  • Photobiophysics: various optical and spectroscopic techniques, in particular in time-resolved techniques in the femtosecond to nanosecond region
  • Development of software tools



  • Quantitative Molecular Microscopy
  • Microscopy (cLSM, Wide Fild, FCS, FLIM)
  • Spectroscopy (fluorescence, life time, transient absorption, polarization)
  • Image processing methods and computation




Cellular Neurophysiology

OE4230 (I3, Room 2050)

Center of Physiology

Carl-Neuberg-Strasse 1

30625 Hannover



Tel. + 49 511 532 5026

E-Mail: Zeug.Andre@mh-hannover.de