About us
We study fascinating ability of several G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) to activate G proteins in absence of agonists. Even such constitutive activity can represent up to 50% of maximal agonist-dependent activity, it is often neglected in the understanding of GPCR mediated signaling and pathophysiological influence. Therefore, we aim to decipher mechanisms underlying constitutive activity of GPCRs at both canonical and non-canonical signaling pathways using serotonin receptors as a model. In addition, we will characterize the pathophysiological outcomes of agonist-independent activation of these receptors.
The Hannover Medical School (MHH), with around 10,000 employees the largest state company in the state of Lower Saxony, is a university facility for research and teaching in human medicine and dentistry and a university hospital for supramaximal care.
More details: https://www.mhh.de/cnp

Your profile
• You hold a Master’s degree in a relevant subject area, e.g., cell biology, biochemistry, microscopy, or biophysics.
• You are self-motivated, organized and independent
• You have experience and a proven track record in one or more of the following: protein biochemistry, pharmacology, confocal microscopy, FRET, analysis of GPCR-mediated signal transduction, behavioral analysis.
• You enjoy teamwork and being an active part of an international collaborative research environment.

What we offer
• State of the art on-site microscopy, cell biology and omics facilities
• Competitive research in an inspiring, world-class environment
• A wide range of offers to help you balance work and family life: on-campus kindergarten places including vacation care, parent-child offices, etc.
• Further training opportunities
The group language is English, so no German language skills are required – but it is a great opportunity for you to learn German!

Position Details
PhD students will have the opportunity to participate in one of several available PhD programs, with three years funding. Payment and benefits are based on the German Public Service Payscale (TV-L E13 50%) guidelines. The starting date is flexible with preference to January 2023
The Hannover Medical School is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and, therefore, encourages applications from such qualified individuals. The Hannover Medical School strives for diversity and gender equality and welcomes applications from all backgrounds.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.
Please submit your application including a cover letter (explaining background and motivation), a CV and transcripts (translated to English or German, if applicable), and the contact addresses of 2 references (if possible) preferably via e-mail and as a single PDF file to: Ponimaskin.Evgeni@mh-hannover.de