• 1967-1973 Medical education in Frankfurt and Hannover Resident at MHH 1974-1982
  • 1976 -2012 Director of Ultrasound Lab.
  • 1982 Consultant (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology), (MHH) 
  • 1985 Habilitation (MHH)
  • 1986-1995 Director of Endoscopy
  • 1990 associate Professor of Internal Medicine (MHH)
  • 2000-2006 Board of directors of the German Ultrasound Society (DEGUM) 
  • 2002-2004 President of the German Ultrasound Society  (DEGUM) 
  • 2004 Präsident of the Annual Joint Congress of the German, Austrian and Swiss Society of Ultrasound in Medicine  in Hannover  (DEGUM, ÖGUM, SGUM)
  • since 2005 Delegate of DEGUM at the AWMF (Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany)
  • 2013 - 2019 member of the commission “Good Scientific Practice” (GWP) at MHH
  • Since 2019 Deputy Ombudsperson of MHH


  • Member of  the German Ultrasound Society (DEGUM), The Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Verdauungskrankheiten (DGVS), American Gastroenterological Association. (AGA).
  • Honorary Member of the Polish Society of Ultrasound in Medicine., (PTU)
    Honorary Member of the German Ultrasound Society (DEGUM)
  • Honorary Professor of Abu Ali Ibn Sina  (Avicenna) University Buchara (2018) Usbekistan


  • Author/Coauthor >140 scientific  publications listed in PubMed
  • Author/Coauthor  >130 Book Chapters and Reviews, Editor/Co-Editor of 13 Books