Application to the MD/PhD program Molecular Medicine, PhD Infection Biology, PhD Regenerative Sciences and LISA

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Information for LISA summer academy

-> For other PhD programs (Epidemiology, Auditory Science, BIOMEDAS etc.) please contact the respective program coordinator!


Procedure in short for PhD programs (might differ from other German universities!):

Step 1: apply to one of the PhD programs (online for three main programs)

Step 2: get selected

Step 3: match with a project/ supervisor after selection


Usually open projects are out shortly before the interviews in May/June.

Of course, you are very welcome to apply to our programs if you have already been accepted for a project/ have started to work. However, this does not automatically guarantee an acceptance in our graduate school as well.

All of our open projects are evaluated by committees in advance. Your financial support either by stipend or employment status is guaranteed.

The start of our three main programs (MolMed, Infection Biology, RegScience) is always once a year in October. All students receive either a stipend (at least 1700,- Euro/ month) or a salary. There are only matriculation fees of about 300,- Euro/ semester


Requirements for PhD:

Students with a Master, diploma in life sciences, or medical degree (Staatsexamen, MBBS) are welcome to apply to all PhD programs. You should have at least 6 months of independent research experience (e.g. Master thesis, thesis). We require very good knowledge of English (usually TOEFL or other tests). Students have to give us two letters of reference.

The PhD program "Regenerative Sciences" also welcomes applications from bio-engineers!


Online Application (for MD/PhD Molecular Medicine, Infection Biology/DEWIN and Regenerative Sciences; as well as LISA summer academy):

Deadline for application is March 1st, each year for PhD programs; April 30th for LISA.
The online application platform will be open from December on

Please see also our FAQ


Selection criteria for PhD programs:

We have a 3-step selection process.
Students are mainly selected according to previous achievements (marks, research), references, personality, performance in the interview, and possibly through a written scientific test. We usually prefer candidates having done research in the fields we are offering here at MHH. Please see individual program websites for details.