Medicine graduates and students of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, immunology or other life sciences with a diploma, Staatsexamen or master of sciences are admissable if they are preferably younger than 32.

(in exceptional cases we accept older students and excellent students having a Bachelor of Honours/4-year Bachelor).

List of accepted international degrees 


Fluency in English is a basic requirement and can be proven with tests (TOEFL, IELTS etc.), statement that you are a native speaker, had English for at least 7 years at school or studies done in English. In the absense of these your fluency will be assessed in a personal interview.

Applicants must send their material by March 1st of the respective year.

The curriculum starts in the middle of October each year, the orientation weeks usually start around October 1st.


Online application will be available from December 1st to March 1st on

Please see also here


Selection process 2024:

There will be a 3-step selection process:

1. Written application (

2. Written test; March 21st, online

3. Interview Hannover June 3rd/4th 

    Interviews will be online and on-site


Admission to the PhD Course

The number of participants for the PhD course is limited to 20 per year. Selection of the students is made by the PhD Commission. Commencement of the course takes place as a rule once a year at a date set by the president of the MHH. The level of the results of the State examination or University finals, or the quality of the doctoral degree play a decisive role in the admission to the PhD course.

Should the number of applications exceed the number of places available, the level of ability and motivation for scientific work will be decided upon a written test (questions from basics in the bio-medical field) and in a selection interview with the PhD Commission. The result of the test and the selection interview will be of equal importance when selecting students.


Interview format

The interview lasts approximately 20 minutes. The interview is broken down into a 8-minute Powerpoint presentation in English on your diploma/Master finals (or similar) project.

Subsequently, questions are asked by the interview panel on the project and general questions on your studies and yourself. The panel is made up of the chairman of the program as well as the supervisors of the projects on offer. Additional time will be available during various breaks during the day to make personal contact with supervisors.

On invitation to the interview, candidates will also be sent details on all the projects available. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that candidates arrange an appointment with the supervisor of the project(s) in which they are interested! This can be before or after your interview. This is an invaluable opportunity to find out more about the project, meet the team involved and visit the corresponding laboratories.There might be also more projects available after the interviews and we might even approach supervisors on behalf of candidates.



Successful candidates will be informed in writing by the coordination office shortly after the interview and will be sent an official letter of acceptance by email and by post.


Program start

Students are to arrive in Hannover at the beginning of October.

The orientation week commences on the 2nd October 2024 (Festive HBRS Opening Ceremony: October 21st).

Term starts in mid-October.


Application Documents

Please note, we only accept online applications!!

The following application documents are required:

  • The application form (included in online application)
  • An informal application for the PhD course demonstrating the suitability and motivation of the applicant for the course, the scientific fields of interest and an indication of the plans for his/her further career; please use the "comments" section in online application.
  • Certificates and qualifications indicating the level of knowledge of the English language.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • [A letter of recommendation from the supervisor stating the topic of the research project, his/her agreement to act as a scientific supervisor, confirmation of a position, details of the planned funding of the research (not applicable if you haven't contacted yet!! Most supervisors will not answer you and prefer to wait till you at least pass the first step of the selection process! So, please, do not disturb them.)].
  • A short description of a former research project.