Students of the year 2021


Atalay Ata TURKEY; external PhD work at MDIBL Maine/ USA; 
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dustin Updike (MDIBL)
Project: Modified tau leads to neuronal and global ribosome dysfunction in C. elegans model of tauopathy


Franziska Batz GERMANY
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Sauer (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology)
Project: CRISPR/Cas9-based generation of CAR-expressing natural killer-like cells against acute myeloid leukemia


Tonia Bargmann GERMANY
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Armin Braun (Preclinical Pharmacology and In Vitro Toxicology, Fraunhofer ITEM)
Project: Tissue Specific T cell Responses During Early Metastatic Events


Yannic Becker GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Yulia Kiyan/ Prof. Dr. Hermann Haller (Nephrology)
Project: The role of Heparanase 2 in the diabetes-induced microvascular damage


Marco Bentele GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Natalie Weber/ Dr. Jan Fiedler/ Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum (IMTTS and Fraunhofer ITEM)
Project: Investigating cardiac diseases in miniaturized LMS from human cardiac samples
Marco is class speaker!


Katja Bezjak SLOVENIA
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thilo Dörk-Bousset (Molecular Gynaecoloy)
Project: Functional role of RAD50 variants for genome stability and cancer
Left the program in spring 2022 due to personal reasons!


Büsra Cinar GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Laura Hinze/ Prof. Dr. Martin Stanulla (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology)
Project: Evaluating the functional role of GSK3a in amino acid metabolism in cancer cells


Blanca de Juan Mora SPAIN
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Roland Schmitt (Nephrology)
Project: Zebrafish Embryo Cell Xenotransplantation: A Novel Tool to Study Cellular Senescence and Senolysis


Katja Dinkelborg GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Patrick Behrendt/ Prof. Dr. Thomas Pietschmann (Gastroenterology/ Hepatology/ Endocrinology and Twincore)
Project: Identification and characterization of human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing Hepatitis E Virus


Eline Gall GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Christina Bade-Döding/ Dr. Funmilola Haukamp/ Prof. Dr. Rainer Blascyck (Transfusion Medicine)
Project: Understanding patient specific disparities of virus-specific peripheral and memory B-cells post immunization


Susanne Hahnenstein GERMANY
Supervisors: Dr. Wolfganf Ziegler/ Prof. Dr. U. Baumann (Pediatric Nephrology)
Project: Epithelial defects in inherited cystic kidney diseases using the model of patient cells (HUREC)


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anette Melk (Pediatric Nephrology)
Project: Aging Kidney. Studies on how to improve transplant survival


Jyoti Kandarp INDIA
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Heuser (Hematology and Oncology)
Project: Pathogenesis of IDH1 mutated AML


Kristina Losse GERMANY
Supervisor: PD Dr. Matthias Höllerhage (Neurology)
Project: Investigation of the role of NIPSNAP3A and NIPSNAP3B in a Parkinson’s disease cell model


Maha Maaliki LEBANON
Supervisors: Dr. Mohammad Kabbani/ Prof. Dr. Heiner Wedemeyer (Gastroenterology/hepatology/Endocrinology)
Project: Defining the nutritional components and factors that exacerbate steatohepatitis in human hepatocytes with PNPLA3-148M


Chiara Malinconico ITALY
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Britta Eiz-Vesper (Transfusion Medicine)
Project: CAR-T cells for adoptive T-cell therapy: New strategies and specificities to target multiple carcinomas


Robert Polten GERMANY
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Schambach (Experimental Hematology)
Project: Novel gene and immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of cervical cancer


Pegah Rahmati IRAN
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Britte Eiz-Vesper (Transfusion Medicine)
Project: Gene-regulated EBV-specific T cells for personalized adoptive immunotherapy


Sonia Sandhi INDIA; external, PhD at MDIBL Maine/ USA
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Aric Rogers (MDIBL)
Project: To study the role of nutrient signaling in aging using a vertebrate model, Nothobranchius furzeri.


Frauline Nicole Schroth PHILIPPINES
Supervisors: Dr. Jaba Gamrekelashvili/ Prof. Dr. Florian Limbourg (Nephrology)
Project: Regulation of resident macrophage development and function by Notch signaling


Luisa Weißköppel GERMANY
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Schambach (Experimental Hematology)
Project: Evaluation of different strategies to improve the immunomodulatory properties of MSC-derived extracellular vesicles


Duygu Yesildag TURKEY
Supervisors: Dr. Anna Saborowski/ Prof. Dr. Arndt Vogel (Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Endocrinology)
Project: Role of FGFR2 mutations and Co-mutations in drug resistance in CCA