Here, you see all of our present and past students!


Some already achieved their PhD degree (altogether more than 300 students since 2003) and have excellent career opportunities; their present positions are indicated.

Perhaps you might like to contact one of our students for any questions?! Please see also our Alumni Section and Newsletters


The first annual Alumni meeting took place on October 16th 2006, the next was on October 24th/25th, 2010.

We will have a big 25th anniversary celebration in October 2025.

All Alumni will be invited to join the opening ceremony in October every year and organize their own reunions at the same time.

HBRS started building up a huge Alumni network. Finalists of every program will be included in the distribution list. We also have a yahoo group. Please write to

And a group on linkdn: (please get invited by one of the members)

We perform regular Alumni surveys, meanwhile have a huge career network, established a "mentoring and/or meet and greet program" (we e.g. regularly invite Alumni students to our carer days), organize regional or class reunions, and will implement fundraising campaigns. For details, please contact the HBRS office (


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