Students of the year 2022


Dariya Abzulinova KAZACHSTAN;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hildegard Büning (Experimental Hematology)
Project: In vivo targeting of B lymphocytes
Left the program in April 2023 due to personal reasons!


Sevval Besli TURKEY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Constanca Ferreira de Figueiredo (Transfusion Medicine)
Project: Correction of monogenetic kidney diseases using a gene therapeutic approach


Aavani Biju Sindhu INDIA;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anke Bergmann (Human Genetics)
Project: Characterization of molecular mechanisms driving the development and progression of childhood leukemia through alterations in the epigenetic regulator DNMT3B


Alejandro Campos Murguia MEXICO;
Supervisor: PD Dr. Richard Taubert (Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Endocrinology)
Project: Molecular risk-stratification for individualized immunosuppression in patients after liver transplantation using rejection-associated transcripts


Giuseppe Cipriano ITALY;
Supervisors: Dr. Natalie Weber/ Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum (Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies IMTTS and Fraunhofer ITEM)
Project: Integration and maturation of human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and cardiac progenitors on human myocardial slices and their role in tissue injury and regeneration


Ferdinand Conrad GERMANY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bogdan Iorga (Molecular and Cell Physiology)
Project: Heterogeneous functional properties of myofibrils and cardiomyocytes isolated from healthy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-related myocardial tissues


Tim Dolgner GERMANY;
Supervisors: Dr. Laura Hinze/ Prof. Dr. Christian Kratz (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology)
Project: Decoding mechanisms of intratumoral heterogeneity and its association with amino acid homeostasis in cancer cells


Iulia Folcut ROMANIA;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thilo Dörk-Bousset (Experimental Gynaecology)
Project: Functional role of RAD50 variants for genome stability and cancer


Sandra Maria Jordan GERMANY;
Supervisors: PD Dr. Jan Fiedler/  Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum (Fraunhofer ITEM)
Project: Cardiac fibrosis fingerprints and pre-clinical development of therapeutic approaches
Maria is class speaker!


Isabel Klefenz GERMANY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Doris Steinemann (Human Genetics)
Project: Genetic causes of immunodeficiencies/predominantly antibody deficiencies (PADs)


Aditi Kumthekar INDIA;
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth (Gastroenterology)
Project: Characterization of cell surface markers on immune cells for detection of prognostic biomarkers in Hepatocellular carcinoma


Anita Koula Pralas GERMANY;
Supervisor: PD Dr. Christian Bär (Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies, IMTTS)
Project: The role of the lncRNA Meg3 in cardiovascular diseases and cardiac unloading


Friederike Kühl GERMANY;
Supervisors: Dr. Rene Huber/ Prof. Dr. Korbinian Brand (Clinical Chemistry)
Project: MARCKS as a central regulator of ROS production in monocytic cells


Francis Nkansah Forbi GHANA,
Supervisors: Dr. Christian Hinze/ Prof. Dr. Kai Schmidt-Ott (Nephrology)
Project: Unraveling molecular mechanisms of septic acute kidney injury


Carla Nunes Borisch BRAZIL;
Supervisor: PD Dr. Christian Bär (Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies, IMTTS)
Project: Fabry disease modelling using patient-derived iPSC and multicellular 3D heart organoids


Lea Oehlsen GERMANY;
Supervisor: PD Dr. Christian Bär (Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies, IMTTS)
Project: Investigating the role of the long non-coding RNA Foxo6os in cardiovascular disease
Lea is class speaker!


Juliana Peters GERMANY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Britta Eiz-Vesper (Transfusion Medicine)
Project: Adoptive T-cell therapy, new players of antiviral memory T cells, and development of new approaches to overcome negative influences on T-cell therapies
Left the program in February 2023 due to personal reasons!


Anjali Shrivastava INDIA;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Schambach (Experimental Hematology)
Project: Novel approaches to generate tailored anticancer immunotherapies


Laura Trumann GERMANY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum (Fraunhofer ITEM and IMTTS)
Project: AAV vector engineering for improved delivery of therapeutic circular RNAs in cardiotoxicity


Felix L. Warnecke GERMANY;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Schambach (Experimental Hematology)
Project: Novel gene therapy strategies for inherited inner ear defects


Lena Willmer GERMANY;
Supervisors: Katherina Sewald (Fraunhofer ITEM)
Project: Characterization of disease associated molecular patterns for fibrosis and repair in distal human lung tissue ex vivo


Dawei Yi CHINA;
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arndt Vogel/ PD Dr. Anna Saborowski (Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Endocrinology)
Project: Spatial analysis of the tumor microenvironment in liver cancer