Mitarbeiter*innen der AG Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev
Tel: 9729

Hristo is interested in investigating the mechanisms controlling development and differentiation of "innate-like" T cells in the thymus employing next-generation sequencing techniques. 

Ahmed Hassan
Tel: 9738

Ahmed joined the “Infection Biology” PhD program in 2021. His project is focused on functional and phenotypical characterization of murine peptide specific PLZF+ innate-like (PILT) cells with the use single-cell RNA sequencing approach.

Nico Heise
Tel: 9731

Nico is part of the 2023 class of the “Infection Biology” PhD program. In his project, he aims to investigate the thymic development of PILT cells in neonates and further characterize this newly described innate-like T cell population in humans.