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Counteracting dementia with sugar (MHH Insight, 23.11.2023)

Multiple sclerosis: New approach for repairing damaged nerve sheaths (MHH Insight, 22.08.2023)

A perfect match for brain tumour therapy (MHH Insight, 10.05.2023)

Webcast: 28th ECNP Congress, Amsterdam 29.08.2015, Symposium S.04 "Merging mouse and human data on the role of PolySia-NCAM in neurodevelopment and schizophrenia"

Progress in Mind (Congress Highlights ECNP 2015): "The intrigue of PolySia-NCAM"


Reviews on polysialic acid in brain development and disease:

Thiesler H, Küçükerden M, Gretenkort L, Röckle I, Hildebrandt H (2022). News and views on polysialic acid: From tumor progression and brain development to psychiatric disorders, neurodegeneration, myelin repair and immunomodulation. Front Cell Dev Biol. 10:871757.

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Cover: MHH Forschungsbericht 2010 (deutsch)

Forschungsbericht 2010 (pdf, deutsch)