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Psychotherapy Research and Day Clinic Care Research

Research group leader: Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus-Peter Seidler

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Our research group deals with questions concerning the effect and therapeutic factors of various psychotherapy procedures, especially body-oriented psychotherapy and group psychotherapy, as well as the special psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care offered by the day hospital. Special attention is paid to patient-related characteristics such as patient experience and the patients' attachment style.

Overarching objectives

Although there are already many research results on the effects and therapeutic factors of psychotherapy, comparatively little is known about this for certain therapeutic services. These include, for example, body-oriented psychotherapy or day hospital. But body-oriented psychotherapy, especially in the form of group therapy, is an integral part of inpatient psychotherapy and day treatment in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry and the day hospital has gained increasing importance in the psychotherapeutic-psychiatric care landscape in recent years in terms of the number of treatment places.

Our research group aims to develop suitable instruments with which the effect and therapeutic factors of these therapeutic offers, which have so far been too little considered by research, can be tested. Besides this patient-related issues are particularly pursued: What do patients experience as helpful and what as stressful in therapy? Does patients’ attachment style, i.e. whether patients can develop trust in their therapist and are able to disclose themself in therapy, have an influence which treatment they can benefit? In the end, the aim is to be able to develop empirically based guidelines on how psychotherapeutic treatment and services can be best adapted to the needs and possibilities of patients.

We are looking for highly motivated doctoral students with an interest in psychotherapy research, expecially clinical attachment research.


  • Research Group of the German Association for Concentrative Movement Therapy
  • German Working Group for Research in Inpatient Group Psychotherapy

Research group leader

Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus-Peter Seidler

Outpatient clinic manager and training officer at the Institute for Psychotherapeutic Education and Training (IPAW) of MHH 

Phone: +49 511 532 7369

Fax: +49 511 532 7375


Excellence at one glance

  • Psychological psychotherapist
  • Graduate psychologist ('Diplom')
  • Supervisor depth psychology

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