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Addiction counts among the most common psychiatric disorders. A complex combination of biological, genetic, epigenetic, social, and psychological factors impacts patients' onset and progress.

Our group investigates various topics from addiction research. We take neurobiological as well as social aspects into consideration, such as stigma or delinquency. In addition to base research questions, we also carry out epidemiological and clinical studies.

Thereby, the focus of our interest is on physical dependencies (Alcohol, Nicotine, Medication, or illegal drugs) as well as psychological dependencies (internet and computer addiction, gambling).

We also cooperate with several departments both inside and outside of Hannover Medical School, such as the Department for Transplantation medicine (related to alcohol-induced liver transplantations), the Institute for Pathology, and the Department for Neurosurgery.

Aims of the research group

The overarching aim of our research is the identification of epigenetic markers for the outcome and course predictions for patients suffering from addiction disorders.

Research group members

Research group leaders

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Glahn

Executive Senior Physician

glahn.alexander@mh-hannover.deCurriculum Vitae


  • Active contribution to the S3 Guide "medication-related disorders"
  • Active contribution to the S3 Guide "psychosocial diagnostics and treatment of patients before and after transplantation"

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PD Dr. med. Marc Andre Nicolas Muschler

Medical Specialist


Excellence: Membership German Society for Biological Psychiatry (DGBP)

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Mathias Rhein, PhD



  • Protein biochemistry
  • Epigenetics
  • Investigations of alcohol addiction and other physical dependencies
  • Regulation of gene expression in blood and brain

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Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hillemacher

Medical Director of the University Clinics for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Paracelsus Medical Private University Nuremberg

Telefon: 0911 398 2830, Telefax: 0911 398 3965


  • Substance-dependent and -independent addictions
  • Clinical and biological research in the context of various addiction diseases
  • Member of many associated Specialist Societies

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