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Clinical Psychology and Sexual Medicine

Research group leader: Prof. Dr. med. Tillmann Krüger

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The clinical psychology and sexual medicine department focuses primarily on the areas of sexuality and couple relationships. In a tradition that has now spanned more than three decades, contributions were made to each of the three major groups of sexual disorders, sexual dysfunction, paraphilias and gender identity disorders. The focus was on (psychological and neurobiological) basic research as well as on a broad spectrum of clinical issues.

Overarching goals

  • Psycho-neuro-immunological and -endocrinological basic research on the psychobiology of healthy and disturbed sexual reactions
  • Clinical research on new drug and psychotherapeutic therapy concepts for sexual dysfunction in men and women as well as on paraphilias / sexual delinquency and disorders of gender identity
  • Research on the dysregulation of sexual impulse control (so-called 'sex addiction'), especially in the area of ​​Internet use
  • Other research focuses of our work area are - in accordance with the central clinical fields of activity - in psychotherapy research (process and outcome research, especially for inpatient psychotherapy) as well as in behavior therapy and behavior medicine research

Latest news

In the main research areas of the clinical psychology and sexual medicine department, there are various possibilities for doctoral and Bachelor and Master theses. On the one hand, certain questions can be assigned as dissertation topics within larger research projects, both in the basic scientific as well as in the clinical-therapeutic area. In addition, there is occasionally the opportunity to make the evaluation of existing data the subject of a doctoral thesis. In principle, interested doctoral students can also come to us with their own topic proposals - provided they fit into the research portfolio of the work area - to check whether the corresponding work is feasible. There are also opportunities for graduate theses for students of psychology (focus on clinical psychology).

Scientific collaborations


The work area for clinical psychology and sexual medicine is equipped with modern computer technology and software (Presentation, e-Prime), which enable time-critical psychophysical experiments to be carried out on patients and healthy control subjects. In addition, the work area is equipped with a SKYRA 3T magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT). This enables us to create high-resolution recordings of brain activity when performing behavioral experiments (fMRI) and in a state of rest (rsMRI) as well as structural recordings and to compare them between test subject groups. In addition, the department is equipped with numerous psychological test procedures ("test library"), which are also used in clinical diagnosis and assessment procedures.

Research group members

Research group leader

Prof. Dr. med. Tillmann Krüger

Managing Senior Physician

Phone: +49 511 532 2407 

Fax: +49 511 532 8407


Publications: ResearchGate

You can find more information here: https://www.mhh.de/sexualmedizin