Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. Amar Deep Sharma

Heisenberg Professor "RNA Therapeutics for Liver"

Research Group: RNA Therapeutics & Liver Regeneration

The major aim of our laboratory is to develop molecular medicine-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of liver disease. To achieve this, we are utilize interdisciplinary approaches involving RNA therapeutics, cell culture based disease modeling, mouse models and biomaterials from clinical samples. Over the years, our research group has uncovered the functional relevance of messenger RNAs, small RNAs and growth factors during progression of acute and chronic liver diseases. Additionally, we have discovered that transcription factors-induced in vivo reprogramming in hepatic cells holds immense potential for the attenuation of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. We are currently investigating the mechanisms underlying cell fate conversion of hepatic cells during reprogramming. By using molecular regulators that we have identified over the years, we further aim to develop RNA therapeutics for the amelioration of liver diseases.



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