Lehrgang zur Gentechnischen Sicherheit


Gentechnische Sicherheit, Biosafety und Biosecurity – Vorlesung mit Klausur im Wintersemester 2022/23

Die Vorlesung ist als (Wahl)Pflicht-Veranstaltung in den Studiengängen Biomedizin (M.Sc.), Life Science (M.Sc.), Pflanzenbiotechnologie (M.Sc.) und Biochemie (M.Sc.) im Rahmen des Moduls "Verantwortung in der Biologie" aufgenommen worden. Weiterhin richtet sie sich an Studenten/innen der Fächer Humanmedizin, Tiermedizin und Zahnmedizin.

Beginn: 14. Oktober 2022
Klausur: 20. Januar 2023
Das detaillierte Programm finden Sie hier.

Gene Technology, Biosafety and Biosecurity – State Approved Course §28 GenTSV for Project Leaders and Responsible Persons for Biosafety
September, 27th-28th, 2022

Under the (German) Genetic Engineering Act Project Leaders and Responsible Persons for Biosafety must complete a supplementary training with emphasis on risk assessment, safety measures, principles of legislation and worker protection. Such a state approved course is being offered in the English language at Hannover Medical School.

The content is based on the curriculum of the Federal Biotechnology Authority with viral vector systems, transgenic animal models and the European Genetic Engineering Directive as additional areas of focus. This course is directed at life scientists and medical doctors, in particular English-speaking scientists, who as project leaders will be responsible for the conduct of genetic engineering experiments in Germany.

Contact: leman.andrea@mh-hannover.de

A detailed flyer including the program can be found here.