Structural Biochemistry

Director: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Manstein


Welcome to the information portal of the Research Core Unit for Structural Biochemistry at Hannover Medical School.


Name Function Email Phone - Prefix (+49) 511 532
Prof. Dr. Roman Fedorov X-ray crystallography Prof. Dr. Roman Fedorov 3705
Prof. Dr. Ute Curth Analytical Ultracentrifugation Prof. Dr. Ute Curth 9372



The Division for Structural Biochemistry of Hannover Medical School provides support for the following research activities:


  • Initial optimization of protein sample for crystallization 
  • High-throughput screening of protein crystallization conditions
  • Plate incubation and control of the crystal growth§
  • Assistance during crystal optimization procedures
  • Buffer optimization
  • Crystal handling and preparation for cryo-crystallographic data collection
  • Diffraction data collection using sealed-tube and rotating anode x-ray sources
  • Calculating data collection strategies
  • Initial characterization of the crystal cell parameters and Bravais lattice
  • Access to our 3D graphics workstations and computing environment for complete data processing, structure determination and analysis
  • Determination of oligomerization states of proteins and characterization of hydrodynamic properties and macromolecular interactions
  • Finally, we help our users to apply for beamtime at synchrotron facilities. Support is provided for remote and on site access
  • For high-throughput crystallization experiments we use MRC 2 Well Crystallization plate (UVP). These plates provide adequate precision of geometric parameters for nano-dispensing and sufficient transparency in visible and UV range for imaging.



Research Core Unit for Structural Biochemistry

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