What can I do in case of a crisis? Here are some tips:


We are aware that a PhD might cause stress or anxieties. Also some of you might feel lonely or depressed in a completely new surrounding.

  1. The HBRS office (Susanne and Birgit) is always open. Please feel free to drop by.
    - Susanne is a certified "mental health first aider". Therefore, she has got some counselling experience.
    - We are also happy to provide you with help if you are seeking more "professional / psychological" advice.
  2. Psychological-therapeutic counselling at Leibniz University Hannover (also for MHH students)
    - individual or in a group
  3. Psychological consultation for students at MHH

    For individual appointments, please contact Dr. Schulte: schulte.peter@mh-hannover.de
  4. We are offering a number of annual soft skill courses courses - like Stress Management, Time Management or Conflict Management. Please ask.
  5. The general practioners (GPs) in Germany are usually responsible for referring you to a specialist.
  6. In case of an emergency at weekends:
    a) acute mental stress
    b) suicidal tendency
    c) acute life crisis

    Professional guidance on the phone (they are bound to official discretion)
    Tel. +49 511-30 03 34 70 ; Fr: 15-20 Uhr; Sa/ So: 12-20 Uhr
  7. Maybe the information on the following Website is useful: https://www.scholar-minds.net/resources/