Research Facilities

Gene Therapy; Medikamente und Tabletten

Laboratory for Molecular Neuroscience

The Laboratory for Molecular Neuroscience focusses on the molecular analysis of patient samples. Particularly 'epigenetics' play a prominent role. 

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Eine Form des menschliches Kopfes, dargestellt wie ein Netzwerk, bestehend aus Punkten und deren Verbindungen.

Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Research Laboratory

‘Cognitive neuropsychiatry’ represents a systematic approach with the aim of understanding clinical psychopathologies in terms of deficits in cognitive mechanisms. 

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Colleagues of the research group who are standing in front of an MRI machine.

Skyra (MRT)

The 3T magnetic resonance tomo- graph, which was acquired by the research group around Prof. Dr. Tillmann Krüger via third-party funding (BMBF), is available for research projects at MHH.

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