Emrulla Spahiu

PhD student

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Emrulla Spahiu

Tel:                        +49 511 532-2094 (Büro) -3654 (Labor)
Fax:                      +49 511 532-161215

Adresse:                Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1, MHH Campus,
                              Gebäude J03, Block 01, Ebene 03, Raum 1320






I finished my Master studies in Biology from Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey.


Aktuelles Forschungsprojekt:

Since October 2020, I joined research group of Dr. Mamta Amrute-Nayak at the Institute for Molecular-and Cell physiology to pursue my doctoral studies. My project involves studying the cardiac myosin II mutations linked to cardiomyopathies using single-molecule investigation methods.’



  • Structural Analysis of microRNAs in Myeloid Cancer Reveals Consensus Motifs by Senol Dogan, Emrulla Spahiu, and Anis Cilic, Genes 2022, 13(7), 1152; received: 15 May 2022 / Revised: 19 June 2022 / Accepted: 24 June 2022 / Published: 26 June 2022
  • Cardiac ventricular myosin and slow skeletal myosin exhibit dissimilar chemomechanical properties despite bearing the same myosin heavy chain isoform, Tianbang Wang, Emrulla Spahiu, Jennifer Osten, Florentine Behrens, Fabius Grünhagen, Tim Scholz, Theresia Kraft, Arnab Nayak, Mamta Amrute-Nayak J Biol Chem . 2022 May 24;102070.  doi: 10.1016/j.jbc.2022.102070. [Online ahead of print] PubMed