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Skyra (MRT)

Magnetic resonance imaging in psychiatry

The structure and function of tissues and organs can be precisely visualized using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Further, functional images allow conclusions about brain activity and cognitive processes and, therefore, about the brain’s functioning.

In the field of basic research, various measurement sequences and examination paradigms are used to gain new insights into the functioning of the brain and to thus get of better understanding of diseases such as dementia, autism, schizophrenia or pedophilia, hopefully leading to new or optimized treatment options in the future. 

The BMBF-funded research project NeMUP, headed by Prof. Dr. Tillmann Krüger (Research Group: Sexual Medicine and Affective Neuroscience) aims to better understand the neurobiological basis of pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Other projects focus on affective neuroscience and investigate emotion and behavior regulation by psychopharmaceuticals and psychotherapeutic interventions, among other topics.  
Here you can find more information about the projects of the research group: Clinical Psychology and Sexual Medicine