7. Ki67 in breast cancer

This web page provides virtual microscopy examples of breast cancers stained for the tumor cell proliferation marker Ki67 by immunohistochemistry (anti-Ki67 antibody 30-9, Ventana). These cases illustrate different Ki67 indices and reflect different proliferative activities.    

The links below provide: (i) a scoring form for independent Ki67 re-assessment by guests, (ii) access to whole slide scans for virtual microscopy, and (iii) a data sheet with the reference Ki67 indices obtained in this laboratory.


1.) Link to the scoring form

Scoring form


2.) Link to virtual microscopy (HE and Ki67)

Case 01 (ID1637) HE and KI67

Case 02 (ID2196) HE and KI67

Case 03 (ID2291) HE and KI67

Case 04 (ID2391) HE and KI67

Case 05 (ID2426) HE and KI67


3.) Link to reference Ki67 index

Reference Ki67